McGill Women's Tournament 2010 Motions

1 - THBT it is a legitimate tool of foreign policy to send political dissidents back to their countries of
      origin even if they meet the standards for refugee status.

2 - THW ban defendents in criminal trials from defending themselves.

3 - THS non-territorial sovereignty for aboriginals.

4 - THW Impose strict caps on university spending on varsity sports.

5 - THS the public HIV test mandatory for all South African MPs.

Semi - THS Europe's hostility to multiculturalism.

Final - THBT the courts should have stayed out of the abortion debate.

ASA Debating Competition 2010 Motions

Israel ASA Debating Competition 2010

The motions:

R1. THW place condoms vending machines in schools

R2. THW forbid the Supreme Court to annul legislative laws

R3. THE forbid advertisers to use women body for the marketing of products which aren’t related directly to women’s body.

R4. THW not assassinate terrorists in foreign countries

Final: THBT the Israeli anthem should represent all of the segments of society

Dublin City University Open 2010

DCU 2010 Motions

Rd 1 - THB that Google should operate under China's censorship laws

Rd 2 - THW make a change to the criminal justice system that could reasonably be described as draconian

Rd 3 - THW hold the Pope criminally responsible for abuses committed by Catholic clergy

Rd 4 - THW abolish all intellectual property protection

Rd 5 - THW ban public sector workers from striking

Semis - THB the only purpose for which power can be rightfully exercised over any member of a civilized community, against his will,is to prevent harm to others.

Final - THB the Nobel Peace Prize should be awarded to Sinn Fein.

HWS IV 2010 Motions

HWS IV 2010


THW ban genetic selection to prevent homosexual children.

Round 5

THW allow jurors to question witnesses.

Round 4

THBT people born without sexual desire would be better off.

Round 3

Corporations should not be allowed to give campaign donations.

Round 2

THBT nuclear powers should cede the power of launch to an international body.

Round 1

THBT states should compensate people who are wrongfully convicted

19th ICU tournament 2010, Japan

19th ICU tournament 2010, Japan

Motion Round 1: US

THBT the US should introduce an universal government health insuranceprogram.

THBT the US should abandon arms sales to Taiwan.

THBT the US should actively pursue a weak dollar policy to boost exports.

Round 2: Politics

THBT the Democratic Party of Japan should have a coalition government

withthe Liberal Democratic Party.

THW pardon corrupt public official that disclose fraudulent

activitycommited by their organization and imprison others involved

THW subsidize election candidates new in politics.

Round 3: UN

THBT UN should coordinate disaster relief efforts given by other countries.

THBT UN should be allowed to bring peace by military force in conflict zones.

THBT the permanent members in the UN Security Council should abandon

theveto power.

Round 4: Economy

THBT WTO should concentrate on regional trade agreements, rather than

global ones.

THW ban subsidies and tax breaks to non-core industries.

THW introduce minimum quota on bank lendings to small and


Octo-finals: Environment

THBT entertainment celebrities should not be involved in

enviromentalprotection movements.

THBT nuclear power plants should be built in urban areas.

THW ban trade barriers that offset disadvantages of domestic companiesfrom

green house gas emission reduction policy

Quarter-finals: International Organization

THBT International Monetary Fund and World Bank should

introduceone-country, one vote system.

THW channel all developmental aid for Africa through the African Union.

THW International Criminal Court should have universal jurisdiction.

Semi-finals: Culture

THBT governments should let go of dying languages.

THW end government funding of the arts.

THW introduce a salary cap in professional team sports.

Final: Conflict

THBT countries in a state of civil war should resolve their

conflictthrough the permission of warlords and parmilitary organization to


THBT Russia and China should send troops to Afganistan.

THBT we should support military intervention in Somalia.

National Novice Debating Championships 2010 Motions

National Novice Debating Championships 2010 (UT MARA Malaysia) Motions


THBT Having Elite Schools Would Be A Mistake

THBT Sex Education During National Service Is Too Late

THBT the government should provide free tertiary education

THBT party hopping should be banned

THBT the monarchy has no place in modern Malaysia

THBT politicians have no right to privacy

THW limit the number of foreign footballers playing in a domestic league

THW create a category for the third gender in sports

THW ban alcohol and tobacco companies from sponsoring sporting events and teams

THW allow prisoners to donate their organs in exchange for lighter sentences

THW ban the hijab (face veil)

THBT life is sacred but you can end it if it’s yours

ROUND 5 : Size Does Matter!!
THW remove the ban on whaling

THW allow airlines to charge passengers based on their weight

THW cap the salaries of CEOs of giant corporations


THW punish poachers of endangered animals like we would punish murderers

THW legalise prostitution

THW take away the right of American citizens to own guns

Octos: Media
THW not jail bloggers for expressing their opinions

THBT universities should be free of censorship

THBT Google should pull out from China

Quarters: Immigration

THBT professional workers should be prevented from migrating to developed countries

THBT permanent residents should be allowed to vote in the country of their residence

THBT public healthcare should cover illegal immigrants

Semis: Science and Technology

THW not allow parents to create babies to save the life of an earlier child

THW abolish NASA

THW use genetically modified (GM) food to feed impoverished countries

Finals: International Affairs

TH supports Iran’s right to develop nuclear weapons

THBT ASEAN should abolish its non-intervention policy

THW allow children to be taken out of Haiti?

MMU Pre Worlds 2005 Motions

MMU Open/ MMU Pre-Worlds 2005 Motions

Finals : This House Believes That Torture is A Neccessary Evil

Semis : This House Believes That Teenagers Do Not Require The Consent of Their Parents To Have Abortions

Round 4 : This House Would Give Drugs to Children With Behavioural Problems

Round 3 : This House Free Santa's Elves

Round 2 : This House Would Make Environmental Protection a Pre-Condition to Development Aid

Round 1 : This House Would Ban Violent Video Games